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    OUR MISSION: What drives us? Making a difference in the safety and disaster readiness of your response and healthcare community by providing practical products, experienced training, and expert customer support.



    Since 1990, DQE has led the way with our practical approach to emergency preparedness. Our team of safety experts is one of the best in the industry, bringing their experience, passion, and knowledge in various fields of health & safety, emergency management & response, and product & educational services design.

    These innovative solutions, proudly made in the USA, highlight DQE’s capabilities.


    HazMat Responders Setting up DQE Decon Shower

    DQE Shower used in Birmingham’s Shaken Fury Exercise hosted by FEMA

    The Shaken Fury Exercise focused on a simulated major earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee that will impact middle America including the state of Alabama. The exercise was designed to test communications, situational awareness systems and networks; simulate coordinated responses during structural damage and life-threatening mass casualty incidents; and coordinate responses to a HAZMAT incident caused by the earthquake.
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    The DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled, a Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution for Non-Ambulatory Building Evacuation

    DQE has announced the acquisition of the Slyde Evacuation Sled, an innovative expansion of its emergency evacuation product line. In the event of fires, natural disasters, attacks or other emergencies, moving injured or immobilized individuals can be a challenge. The DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled offers an easy to use, cost-effective and reliable solution to evacuate non-ambulatory occupants from any multi-story building. This exciting evacuation transportation device is a perfect fit with DQE’s philosophy of bringing high-quality, practical, and affordable equipment to the healthcare and emergency response community.
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    DQE Introduces a New Line of Firefighter Health and Wellness Products

    DQE’s Firefighter Health & Wellness line of products is based on the latest research related to firefighter cancer prevention. Research demonstrates that chronic exposure to heat, smoke, and toxic flame retardants through inhalation, ingestion, and skin absorption place firefighters at increased risk of cancer. DQE’s Firefighter Health & Wellness line contains products that reflect the best practices for reducing exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens through Zone Establishment, Gross Carcinogen Decontamination (PPE and Skin), and Post-Decontamination.
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